Do you have an Android phone? Be sure to update your Android System WebView!

If you use phones with Android operating system, it is possible that the page of “Polish Express” does not display correctly. That is why we are reminded of the update of the Android WebView System software!

When almost half of the world is dependent on more modern phones, where you can freely browse the Internet, you need to remember their security. Increasingly, content on multiple pages is likely to be inaccurate for some users.

The basic principle is to update the software because modern web pages also designed for mobile browsers depend on the current software.

Nowadays websites are designed quite differently than before the era of smartphones and mobile internet. Now websites such as or must also be available for mobile devices, which is a bit complicated since not all phones have the latest. Accusations that include relevant patches for displaying modern pages, “says Piotr Krawczyk, programmer and computer scientist at Zeta media.

For anyone who has a problem with the correct display of some pages, we have a simple and fast way out an update. Most versions of the Android operating system already have the “WebView” application installed, which is responsible for the correct display of web pages on all mobile browsers.

Updating this application is important, as the next versions contain patches to improve security.

“WebView is often updated because the manufacturer is aware of the dangers faced by ordinary mobile users. Frequent updates make the pages appear correctly, but they also improve our online security.”

If someone does not have the WebView application, then it is available in the google play store, you just download it, update and enjoy the pages displayed correctly. The exception to this is the owners of Apple phones because the iOS system installed on them is updated automatically.


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