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Apple introduces iPhone X with facial recognition and screen without start button

Apple introduced the iPhone X on Tuesday, the most powerful smartphone ever launched by the company, with several new features such as the inclusion of a facial recognition sensor and an “infinite” screen, with a new resolution, made possible by the withdrawal of the traditional button.

The new smartphone was unveiled today by Apple chief executive Tim Cook at an event that also served to officially inaugurate the company’s new headquarters, Apple Park, in the city of Cupertino, California, United States.

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The iPhone X is the name of the device with which Apple celebrates the ten years of the launch of the iPhone, an essential device in the social and technological revolution of smartphones.

Cook said today that the first iPhone model, released in 2007, represented a revolution in mobile technology and said the iPhone X will set the stage for the next decade.

The iPhone X screen covers virtually the entire front surface of the device, which has no traditional “home” button since the first device launched by Apple, and eliminates the edges that diminish the touchscreen surface.

In addition, the iPhone X will come equipped with a super-retina display with OLED technology, resolution of 2436×1125 pixels and 458 dots per inch of density, the largest of an Apple smartphone.

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Another of the great news of the iPhone X is the introduction of Face ID, a new form of access of the smartphone based on the facial recognition of users and which represents an important evolution over the Touch ID, which used digital.

The Touch ID is still on the device, but with the removal of the start button, it now runs across the screen.

This facial recognition technology will also be harnessed by animoji, a personality version of the emoji that will be created from the expressions of the people registered by the camera.

The device will be loaded wirelessly from a technology called Apple by AirPower, a base that can simultaneously load AirPods, the company’s wireless headsets, and also the new Apple Watch Series 3, presented today by the company.

The iPhone X will be sold in the United States for $ 999. The pre-order will start on October 27th and shipments will begin by Apple on November 3rd.

The great year of video games with new releases after the summer

Nintendo has rallied with the brutal success of “Switch” and Microsoft intends to eat ground with Sony with the Xbox One X


The 2017 is a big year as far as gaming is concerned . Nintendo has rallied with the brutal success of Switch and Microsoft intends to eat Sony with the Xbox One X, the most powerful console ever created and presented at E3 in Los Angeles. Two events that anticipate a hot autumn and winter season when it comes to launching new titles for the holiday season. These are the most anticipated:

Mario Odyssey. The titles featuring the most emblematic plumber of Nintendo are always a sales success. This year, the mustachioed hero will leave his usual kingdom to travel cities, deserts or valleys. The title, which will arrive on October 27.

 Star Wars : Battlefront 2. The battery of films about Star Wars comes accompanied by a new video game thatallow battlesrevive one of the most popular sagas planet. In the multiplayer mode there will be possibility to face the squadrons of ships in the outer space and we will be able to control, in the different missions, personages like Yoda, Luke Skywalker or Kylo Rein. It will be available from November 17 on Xbox, PC and PS4. They have not yet advanced that is compatible with PlaystationVR.
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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy . At first, it was raised as an extension for the title Uncharted 4 but once put to work the story was gaining body and Naugthy Dog decided to launch a new and complete video game as a result. For the first time the title will have two female protagonists, Chloe and Nadine Ross, who already appeared in the second and the fourth installment of the saga.

FIFA 18. A classic sports games. Cristiano Ronaldo will be the protagonist of FIFA 18, which will have versions for PS4, Xbox, PC, Android and Nintendo Switch. E game will arrive, if everything goes on schedule, on September 29 to the market.

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Call of Duty. It is another of the sagas with more followers of the world. Now return the next day November 3 with a game that takes back the origins of the series. In this case, Call of Duty: World War II puts the player in the shoes of a young soldier who next to his comrades in arms will have to face different missions of World War II. Scenarios and missions extend from the coast of Normandy to the forest of Hürtgen and show some of the most special moments of the war that put in check throughout Europe.

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Top sales consoles Japan (31-07 to 06-08): Nintendo Switch resumes the lead

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Returns to Highest Sales in Japan

After the fantastic and exciting sales week lived in Japan a few days ago, this week is somewhat more restrained in terms of numbers. Of course, we will see a series of changes in the highest positions, with Nintendo Switchheading again sales thanks to the almost 62,000 units that managed to sell during the last record. Nintendo’s hybrid console once again leads the list, although it does so with little difference from the second best-selling platform. In this specific case, we are talking about the great  Nintendo 3DS family , which has stayed very close to the 61,000 consoles sold by combining all available models.

Nintendo 3DS notebook family stays very close to repeat lead

Far from the head positions is the PlayStation Vita system  , which goes back down in sales to the little more than 4,700 consoles sold. Sony’s portable platform can not keep up with the top three and is still far behind. The fifth position is for Wii U , the system of desktop of Nintendo , that has carried out a small rise in the sales until placing with 158 units sold. The sixth position is for PlayStation 3 , that after a decade in active begins to dilute in Japanese territory. Sony’s third desktop has closed the record with 96 consoles sold. The seventh and final position is for Xbox One , the console from Microsoft , which closes with 90 consoles sold; Has stayed close to not occupy said square.

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Nintendo Switch(61.933 Units) 

New Nintendo 2DS XL (33.871) + New Nintendo 3DS / XL (23.278) + Nintendo 2DS (3,740) – 60,889 Units

PlayStation 4 (43,862) + PlayStation 4 Pro (9,077) – 52,939 Units

PlayStation Vita – 4,773 Units

Wii U – 158 Units

PlayStation 3 – 96 Units

Xbox One – 90 Units 

Last week’s sales in Japan ((24-07-30-07)

New Nintendo 2DS XL (110.963) + New Nintendo 3DS / XL (27.957) + Nintendo 2DS (3,680) – 142,600 Units

PlayStation 4 (82,368) + PlayStation 4 Pro (10,980) – 93,348 Units

Nintendo Switch – 89,314 Units

PlayStation Vita – 4,967 Units

Wii U – 142 Units

PlayStation 3 – 121 Units

Xbox One – 94 Units

Do you have an Android phone? Be sure to update your Android System WebView!

If you use phones with Android operating system, it is possible that the page of “Polish Express” does not display correctly. That is why we are reminded of the update of the Android WebView System software!

When almost half of the world is dependent on more modern phones, where you can freely browse the Internet, you need to remember their security. Increasingly, content on multiple pages is likely to be inaccurate for some users.

The basic principle is to update the software because modern web pages also designed for mobile browsers depend on the current software.

Nowadays websites are designed quite differently than before the era of smartphones and mobile internet. Now websites such as or must also be available for mobile devices, which is a bit complicated since not all phones have the latest. Accusations that include relevant patches for displaying modern pages, “says Piotr Krawczyk, programmer and computer scientist at Zeta media.

For anyone who has a problem with the correct display of some pages, we have a simple and fast way out an update. Most versions of the Android operating system already have the “WebView” application installed, which is responsible for the correct display of web pages on all mobile browsers.

Updating this application is important, as the next versions contain patches to improve security.

“WebView is often updated because the manufacturer is aware of the dangers faced by ordinary mobile users. Frequent updates make the pages appear correctly, but they also improve our online security.”

If someone does not have the WebView application, then it is available in the google play store, you just download it, update and enjoy the pages displayed correctly. The exception to this is the owners of Apple phones because the iOS system installed on them is updated automatically.


How to protect your mobile from sand, heat and water

Follow these tips if you want your device to survive the summer

Summer does not feel right to our mobile devices. 7 out of 10 malfunctions that occur on smartphones and tablets during the summer are given by warming, humidity, and oversights.

In summer the mobiles suffer, and not only by the increase of the temperatures; In addition to being in the family are more susceptible that the smaller ones of the house use them to reproduce their videos and therefore to run more risk of falls. For this reason, we propose a series of tips for your device to survive the summer:

Never with wet hands

The ‘smartphone’ or ‘tablet’ should not be used with wet hands. It is common to pick up a phone call fresh from giving us a bath, with hands and arms soaked. This simple fact can cause some water, even if imperceptible, to be poured into the interior of the mobile, which causes short or medium term malfunctions. A care that you must increase if it is sea water since the salt can cause major damages.

Listen to music on your mobile

As a rule, devices are often warmed up by some applications like Google Maps or listening to music or playing videos. This rise in temperature worsens with external heat. For this reason, we must be especially attentive and turn off the mobile and do not reuse it until it is completely cold.

Beware of where we store the mobile

Keeping the devices in the glove compartment of the car or in the beach bag in the sun is also highly harmful to the terminals. Although they are prepared to send warning messages to extreme temperatures, spending too much time in the sun can cause smartphones and tablets to suffer damage in the medium term.

To prevent it, we advise you to switch them off if we are going to have a prolonged exposure to the sun, as well as use covers prepared for these places that protect from the sun and heat. 1 out of 10 breakdowns that are taken care of after the summer holidays come from these situations.

Mobile phone


Attention, sand!

Beach sand is the second biggest enemy of mobile devices, not only because they can scratch the surface of touch screens, but because they can adversely affect their interior components and cause faults. In fact, in this sense, 3 out of 10 breakdowns are given by the sand.


Although it seems very obvious, carelessness is the third great enemy of electronic devices during the summer. Bathing the smartphone in your pocket without realizing it is more common than it may seem a priori. About one-third of the repairs that occur are due to moisture as a result of bathing with the mobile.

On the other hand, the hunger for wanting to capture pictures in the water, share them on the beach or play music while sunbathing does multiply the risk of damaging the devices. It is best to always use covers and protectors to avoid annoyances that may be an additional cost to our vacation.

You are blocking advertising on the Internet? You will pay for browsing!

The programs that block advertising on most websites, is a thorn in the eye of their owners, who receive for each view money. Soon to change.

Adblock him and other similar programs that block pop-up ads multibillion-dollar losses caused advertisers and site owners. User input for blocking the ad owner of the site does not receive any money.

Where it disappears your free time? Psychologists are responsible!

“Ideas for a solution to this problem is quite a lot – the Poles, for example, announced Unblock, or solution to bypass operation adblockerów users and display ads that will not irritate them” – wrote portal Antyradio. What are interesting discussions also included Google, which earns a fortune on advertising? Since 2018 under the Chrome browser, the company will install an ad blocker. All this to save Internet users contact with banners Chrome.

But it is not all the ideas the Internet giant. The user using the ad blocking will see a message calling for the shutdown blocker or pay a fee for access to the site.

The new service is called the Contributor and if it is used by only 12 pages because it is a pilot program. But after a while it becomes popular enough, it will go to the computers of all users.

“The program requires adequate preparation on the part of the user – the money for access to the site to be downloaded from a special account, which must be recharged before. The minimum amount is $ 5 fee for access is displayed in the message by loading content” – wrote Antyradio.

Here is a list of the most popular slogans in the world. If your there, you can be in trouble!

So is this the end of free Internet advertising? Do you ever tire of annoying pop-up ads and users simply leave the website and come back to read paper newspapers and books?

How to send emails through Gmail without an Internet connection

The ‘offline’ mode allows you to read the mails, but also respond to them and access the attachments

Gmail is the email service par excellence . The Google tool has more than one billion active users per month since 2016, a number that beat all the records of this type of applications. The customer is used by all types of people in any circumstance, but what not everyone knows is that there is an offline mode that saves more than one headache in depending on what situations.

The ‘offline’ mode of Gmail lets you read messages in your inbox, reply to , search, access attachments, etc. Put another way, if you drop your Internet connection or you’re not going to have it for a while and you’re going to need it, this tool is your salvation in many ways.

It is a service offered for computer and not for mobile devices, as it works through an application for the Google Chrome browser . This extension, once installed, is responsible for synchronizing your stored emails so that when there is no connection you can access them in the same way.

As we have already said, this’app ‘allows you to read emails, but also to respond : when you regain access to the network, emails will be sent automatically. Synchronization also works when archiving and organizing emails, adding tags and any other options that Gmail has incorporated.

For install the extension just go to this link and follow the steps for the installation to complete. Click on the new installed tool and select the option “Allow offline mail” before giving it to continue. Once this is done, the messages will start to synchronize and you will be able to take advantage of the new features as long as you stay without Internet. Access to the application will have to do it with the web address chrome: // apps (or in the button of applications of your bar of markers) and there clicking on the corresponding icon. If you wish, you can create a shortcut on your desktop with the right mouse button.

One of the things you should do to make the most of this new option is to choose how many messages you want to keep in sync . Offline Gmail, by default, syncs the last 7 days, but by going to the’app ‘and’ Settings’ (the sprocket), you can change it to select whether you want it to be 2 weeks or a month.

Within the’app ‘you can do the same things as in normal Gmail, even programming automatic responses with a text in case we will not be available for a long time. All your organization of labels, highlights and folders you will have as it is, as well as the conversations that you have had. Be sure to open the application on a regular basis to keep your emails in sync and remember that the responses you give to users will be sent as soon as you have the necessary connection.

Manage your files with shortcuts and single key strokes…

XFile is a file manager for Microsoft Windows with XTree compatible commands and the same look & feel.

Here are some features of XFile:

  • •XTree compatible commands
  • •Log unlimited number of folders and files
  • Specify File masks
  • History lists
  • Enhanced and new commands, e.g. Go to, Link, Web, Control Panel
  • Shortcuts to system folders, e.g. Desktop
  • Support for ZIP and CAB files
  • ASCII Viewer with Dump and Hex mode and Hex Editor
  • Viewer for common files, e.g. Images, HTML, Databases
  • Image Gallery with slideshow
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Extract Icons
  • Open DOS Window, Registry and Recycle bin etc.
  • Customize Colors and Fonts
  • XTree Gold compatible commands
  • XTree Gold look & feel
  • File Manager for Microsoft Windows
  • Windows integration
  • New commands (Go To, Web, System etc.)
  • No installation required
  • Very compact in file size and memory
    • And many more…

XFile – Lite Edition
The Lite Edition of XFile is FREE of charge. It provides limited functionality compared to the full version of XFile, but can still be used to perform basic file operations.More Information  Download

XFile – Full Version
The full version of XFile provides all functionality listed below.

More Information  Download