You are blocking advertising on the Internet? You will pay for browsing!

The programs that block advertising on most websites, is a thorn in the eye of their owners, who receive for each view money. Soon to change.

Adblock him and other similar programs that block pop-up ads multibillion-dollar losses caused advertisers and site owners. User input for blocking the ad owner of the site does not receive any money.

Where it disappears your free time? Psychologists are responsible!

“Ideas for a solution to this problem is quite a lot – the Poles, for example, announced Unblock, or solution to bypass operation adblockerĂłw users and display ads that will not irritate them” – wrote portal Antyradio. What are interesting discussions also included Google, which earns a fortune on advertising? Since 2018 under the Chrome browser, the company will install an ad blocker. All this to save Internet users contact with banners Chrome.

But it is not all the ideas the Internet giant. The user using the ad blocking will see a message calling for the shutdown blocker or pay a fee for access to the site.

The new service is called the Contributor and if it is used by only 12 pages because it is a pilot program. But after a while it becomes popular enough, it will go to the computers of all users.

“The program requires adequate preparation on the part of the user – the money for access to the site to be downloaded from a special account, which must be recharged before. The minimum amount is $ 5 fee for access is displayed in the message by loading content” – wrote Antyradio.

Here is a list of the most popular slogans in the world. If your there, you can be in trouble!

So is this the end of free Internet advertising? Do you ever tire of annoying pop-up ads and users simply leave the website and come back to read paper newspapers and books?

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