Create app to make psychological therapy online

With this app couples therapies are made through the mobile phone.


It seems like a science fiction film idea, but new technologies already allow “go” to psychological therapy online. Talkspace is the first app for psychological therapy with which couples can count on certified professionals to help improve their relationship. We tell you how it works.

Virtual therapies the future of psychology?

The comfortable chairs of the psychological consultations are over because now you can do therapy from the place you most want, your bed, your sofa or even the park that you like to go for a walk. Talkspace is a new app designed to change the concept of psychologist-patient contact, making it the way of communication of today: virtual communication.

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The idea was born in the United States, and if it works, which seems to be what is happening, it probably ends up spreading to other countries. The mobile application has more than 1,000 certified professional therapists, who are available to the patient by chat or video conference, depending on the payment plan to which they are subscribed. Because, of course, this online psychological therapy app is not free. Individual therapies cost $ 32 a week, a much lower price than a physical consultation with a therapist.

The first thing that the app does is to make a small questionnaire to the patient to obtain an evaluation and thus be able to derive it with the most appropriate professional, which you can change at any time if it does not meet your expectations. Once you have chosen the payment plan you will start a psychological therapy online where you can chat whenever you feel like. If you want to write daily you can do it, since the therapists are committed to answering once or twice a day. Of course, you can arrange weekly or daily appointments, depending on the plan you use.

But individual therapy is not the only option in Talkspace. Couples with problems who need professional help can do therapy for $ 59 per week and those who want connections through live videos can do so for $ 99 per week.

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In addition, it has specialized psychological therapies such as couples therapy, therapies focused on the LGTB community or war veterans. As the company’s website states: “According to the National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI), LGBT people are almost 3 times more likely than others to experience a mental health condition, such as major depression or of generalized anxiety”, due to the social stigma with which they face most of their lives.

Even if you know someone who needs a little help, you can send them a Talkspace gift card to start their own psychological therapy. Awesome, right?

It may seem strange to many still, but the truth is that virtual communication is a reality that millions of people live daily. In fact, it is no coincidence that the universe of online dating will become the most common way to find a partner in the future.

For some, an app like Talkspace can be a way to help many people with prejudices and fears towards psychologists to go to a professional therapist. And is that being able to go to a psychologist at any time of the day and anonymously for less price than usual can be a hook for many people who need help?

We only ask ourselves three things: can online therapy be as effective as traditional therapy? To what extent will therapists be able to recognize people’s feelings, their frustrations, and concerns through written chat messages? We all know that people tend to lie on social networks, will we also do it in an online therapy?

We can not answer these questions, rather than reflect on them and weigh for ourselves what it is that we would really like to receive in our life, whether a traditional psychological therapy or an online one. Meanwhile, we have no choice but to wait and see how this revolutionary app works and if it ever comes to our country, we might consider trying it out. What do you think?

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Do you have an Android phone? Be sure to update your Android System WebView!

If you use phones with Android operating system, it is possible that the page of “Polish Express” does not display correctly. That is why we are reminded of the update of the Android WebView System software!

When almost half of the world is dependent on more modern phones, where you can freely browse the Internet, you need to remember their security. Increasingly, content on multiple pages is likely to be inaccurate for some users.

The basic principle is to update the software because modern web pages also designed for mobile browsers depend on the current software.

Nowadays websites are designed quite differently than before the era of smartphones and mobile internet. Now websites such as or must also be available for mobile devices, which is a bit complicated since not all phones have the latest. Accusations that include relevant patches for displaying modern pages, “says Piotr Krawczyk, programmer and computer scientist at Zeta media.

For anyone who has a problem with the correct display of some pages, we have a simple and fast way out an update. Most versions of the Android operating system already have the “WebView” application installed, which is responsible for the correct display of web pages on all mobile browsers.

Updating this application is important, as the next versions contain patches to improve security.

“WebView is often updated because the manufacturer is aware of the dangers faced by ordinary mobile users. Frequent updates make the pages appear correctly, but they also improve our online security.”

If someone does not have the WebView application, then it is available in the google play store, you just download it, update and enjoy the pages displayed correctly. The exception to this is the owners of Apple phones because the iOS system installed on them is updated automatically.


Manage your files with shortcuts and single key strokes…

XFile is a file manager for Microsoft Windows with XTree compatible commands and the same look & feel.

Here are some features of XFile:

  • •XTree compatible commands
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  • Shortcuts to system folders, e.g. Desktop
  • Support for ZIP and CAB files
  • ASCII Viewer with Dump and Hex mode and Hex Editor
  • Viewer for common files, e.g. Images, HTML, Databases
  • Image Gallery with slideshow
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Extract Icons
  • Open DOS Window, Registry and Recycle bin etc.
  • Customize Colors and Fonts
  • XTree Gold compatible commands
  • XTree Gold look & feel
  • File Manager for Microsoft Windows
  • Windows integration
  • New commands (Go To, Web, System etc.)
  • No installation required
  • Very compact in file size and memory
    • And many more…

XFile – Lite Edition
The Lite Edition of XFile is FREE of charge. It provides limited functionality compared to the full version of XFile, but can still be used to perform basic file operations.More Information  Download

XFile – Full Version
The full version of XFile provides all functionality listed below.

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