The great year of video games with new releases after the summer

Nintendo has rallied with the brutal success of “Switch” and Microsoft intends to eat ground with Sony with the Xbox One X


The 2017 is a big year as far as gaming is concerned . Nintendo has rallied with the brutal success of Switch and Microsoft intends to eat Sony with the Xbox One X, the most powerful console ever created and presented at E3 in Los Angeles. Two events that anticipate a hot autumn and winter season when it comes to launching new titles for the holiday season. These are the most anticipated:

Mario Odyssey. The titles featuring the most emblematic plumber of Nintendo are always a sales success. This year, the mustachioed hero will leave his usual kingdom to travel cities, deserts or valleys. The title, which will arrive on October 27.

 Star Wars : Battlefront 2. The battery of films about Star Wars comes accompanied by a new video game thatallow battlesrevive one of the most popular sagas planet. In the multiplayer mode there will be possibility to face the squadrons of ships in the outer space and we will be able to control, in the different missions, personages like Yoda, Luke Skywalker or Kylo Rein. It will be available from November 17 on Xbox, PC and PS4. They have not yet advanced that is compatible with PlaystationVR.
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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy . At first, it was raised as an extension for the title Uncharted 4 but once put to work the story was gaining body and Naugthy Dog decided to launch a new and complete video game as a result. For the first time the title will have two female protagonists, Chloe and Nadine Ross, who already appeared in the second and the fourth installment of the saga.

FIFA 18. A classic sports games. Cristiano Ronaldo will be the protagonist of FIFA 18, which will have versions for PS4, Xbox, PC, Android and Nintendo Switch. E game will arrive, if everything goes on schedule, on September 29 to the market.

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Call of Duty. It is another of the sagas with more followers of the world. Now return the next day November 3 with a game that takes back the origins of the series. In this case, Call of Duty: World War II puts the player in the shoes of a young soldier who next to his comrades in arms will have to face different missions of World War II. Scenarios and missions extend from the coast of Normandy to the forest of Hürtgen and show some of the most special moments of the war that put in check throughout Europe.

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