Manage your files with shortcuts and single key strokes…

XFile is a file manager for Microsoft Windows with XTree compatible commands and the same look & feel.

Here are some features of XFile:

  • •XTree compatible commands
  • •Log unlimited number of folders and files
  • Specify File masks
  • History lists
  • Enhanced and new commands, e.g. Go to, Link, Web, Control Panel
  • Shortcuts to system folders, e.g. Desktop
  • Support for ZIP and CAB files
  • ASCII Viewer with Dump and Hex mode and Hex Editor
  • Viewer for common files, e.g. Images, HTML, Databases
  • Image Gallery with slideshow
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Extract Icons
  • Open DOS Window, Registry and Recycle bin etc.
  • Customize Colors and Fonts
  • XTree Gold compatible commands
  • XTree Gold look & feel
  • File Manager for Microsoft Windows
  • Windows integration
  • New commands (Go To, Web, System etc.)
  • No installation required
  • Very compact in file size and memory
    • And many more…

XFile – Lite Edition
The Lite Edition of XFile is FREE of charge. It provides limited functionality compared to the full version of XFile, but can still be used to perform basic file operations.More Information  Download

XFile – Full Version
The full version of XFile provides all functionality listed below.

More Information  Download


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