How to protect your mobile from sand, heat and water

Follow these tips if you want your device to survive the summer

Summer does not feel right to our mobile devices. 7 out of 10 malfunctions that occur on smartphones and tablets during the summer are given by warming, humidity, and oversights.

In summer the mobiles suffer, and not only by the increase of the temperatures; In addition to being in the family are more susceptible that the smaller ones of the house use them to reproduce their videos and therefore to run more risk of falls. For this reason, we propose a series of tips for your device to survive the summer:

Never with wet hands

The ‘smartphone’ or ‘tablet’ should not be used with wet hands. It is common to pick up a phone call fresh from giving us a bath, with hands and arms soaked. This simple fact can cause some water, even if imperceptible, to be poured into the interior of the mobile, which causes short or medium term malfunctions. A care that you must increase if it is sea water since the salt can cause major damages.

Listen to music on your mobile

As a rule, devices are often warmed up by some applications like Google Maps or listening to music or playing videos. This rise in temperature worsens with external heat. For this reason, we must be especially attentive and turn off the mobile and do not reuse it until it is completely cold.

Beware of where we store the mobile

Keeping the devices in the glove compartment of the car or in the beach bag in the sun is also highly harmful to the terminals. Although they are prepared to send warning messages to extreme temperatures, spending too much time in the sun can cause smartphones and tablets to suffer damage in the medium term.

To prevent it, we advise you to switch them off if we are going to have a prolonged exposure to the sun, as well as use covers prepared for these places that protect from the sun and heat. 1 out of 10 breakdowns that are taken care of after the summer holidays come from these situations.

Mobile phone


Attention, sand!

Beach sand is the second biggest enemy of mobile devices, not only because they can scratch the surface of touch screens, but because they can adversely affect their interior components and cause faults. In fact, in this sense, 3 out of 10 breakdowns are given by the sand.


Although it seems very obvious, carelessness is the third great enemy of electronic devices during the summer. Bathing the smartphone in your pocket without realizing it is more common than it may seem a priori. About one-third of the repairs that occur are due to moisture as a result of bathing with the mobile.

On the other hand, the hunger for wanting to capture pictures in the water, share them on the beach or play music while sunbathing does multiply the risk of damaging the devices. It is best to always use covers and protectors to avoid annoyances that may be an additional cost to our vacation.

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