How to send emails through Gmail without an Internet connection

The ‘offline’ mode allows you to read the mails, but also respond to them and access the attachments

Gmail is the email service par excellence . The Google tool has more than one billion active users per month since 2016, a number that beat all the records of this type of applications. The customer is used by all types of people in any circumstance, but what not everyone knows is that there is an offline mode that saves more than one headache in depending on what situations.

The ‘offline’ mode of Gmail lets you read messages in your inbox, reply to , search, access attachments, etc. Put another way, if you drop your Internet connection or you’re not going to have it for a while and you’re going to need it, this tool is your salvation in many ways.

It is a service offered for computer and not for mobile devices, as it works through an application for the Google Chrome browser . This extension, once installed, is responsible for synchronizing your stored emails so that when there is no connection you can access them in the same way.

As we have already said, this’app ‘allows you to read emails, but also to respond : when you regain access to the network, emails will be sent automatically. Synchronization also works when archiving and organizing emails, adding tags and any other options that Gmail has incorporated.

For install the extension just go to this link and follow the steps for the installation to complete. Click on the new installed tool and select the option “Allow offline mail” before giving it to continue. Once this is done, the messages will start to synchronize and you will be able to take advantage of the new features as long as you stay without Internet. Access to the application will have to do it with the web address chrome: // apps (or in the button of applications of your bar of markers) and there clicking on the corresponding icon. If you wish, you can create a shortcut on your desktop with the right mouse button.

One of the things you should do to make the most of this new option is to choose how many messages you want to keep in sync . Offline Gmail, by default, syncs the last 7 days, but by going to the’app ‘and’ Settings’ (the sprocket), you can change it to select whether you want it to be 2 weeks or a month.

Within the’app ‘you can do the same things as in normal Gmail, even programming automatic responses with a text in case we will not be available for a long time. All your organization of labels, highlights and folders you will have as it is, as well as the conversations that you have had. Be sure to open the application on a regular basis to keep your emails in sync and remember that the responses you give to users will be sent as soon as you have the necessary connection.

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