Top sales consoles Japan (31-07 to 06-08): Nintendo Switch resumes the lead

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Returns to Highest Sales in Japan

After the fantastic and exciting sales week lived in Japan a few days ago, this week is somewhat more restrained in terms of numbers. Of course, we will see a series of changes in the highest positions, with Nintendo Switchheading again sales thanks to the almost 62,000 units that managed to sell during the last record. Nintendo’s hybrid console once again leads the list, although it does so with little difference from the second best-selling platform. In this specific case, we are talking about the great  Nintendo 3DS family , which has stayed very close to the 61,000 consoles sold by combining all available models.

Nintendo 3DS notebook family stays very close to repeat lead

Far from the head positions is the PlayStation Vita system  , which goes back down in sales to the little more than 4,700 consoles sold. Sony’s portable platform can not keep up with the top three and is still far behind. The fifth position is for Wii U , the system of desktop of Nintendo , that has carried out a small rise in the sales until placing with 158 units sold. The sixth position is for PlayStation 3 , that after a decade in active begins to dilute in Japanese territory. Sony’s third desktop has closed the record with 96 consoles sold. The seventh and final position is for Xbox One , the console from Microsoft , which closes with 90 consoles sold; Has stayed close to not occupy said square.

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Nintendo Switch(61.933 Units) 

New Nintendo 2DS XL (33.871) + New Nintendo 3DS / XL (23.278) + Nintendo 2DS (3,740) – 60,889 Units

PlayStation 4 (43,862) + PlayStation 4 Pro (9,077) – 52,939 Units

PlayStation Vita – 4,773 Units

Wii U – 158 Units

PlayStation 3 – 96 Units

Xbox One – 90 Units 

Last week’s sales in Japan ((24-07-30-07)

New Nintendo 2DS XL (110.963) + New Nintendo 3DS / XL (27.957) + Nintendo 2DS (3,680) – 142,600 Units

PlayStation 4 (82,368) + PlayStation 4 Pro (10,980) – 93,348 Units

Nintendo Switch – 89,314 Units

PlayStation Vita – 4,967 Units

Wii U – 142 Units

PlayStation 3 – 121 Units

Xbox One – 94 Units

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