xtree lite

XFile – Lite Edition – XTree compatible file manager for Microsoft Windows

xfile_blueThe Lite Edition of XFile provides limited functionality compared to the FULL version of XFile, but can still be used to perform all basic file operations.

XFile – Lite Edition
The Lite Edition of XFile is FREE of charge.

Download here

The following features are only available in the FULL version of XFile:

  • Get available disk space
  • Log other than drive C
  • Change volume name of drive
  • More than 5 items in history lists
  • Change number of items in history lists
  • Change file attributes
  • Compress files (zip/cab)
  • Set new file date (stamp file)
  • Search text in tagged files
  • Create link to file or folder
  • Hex Editor
  • Syntax highlighting when viewing source filesĀ¬
  • Prune folders
  • Show Global (all logged files)
  • Show all tagged files
  • Go To Command (History, Desktop, Logged folders etc.)
  • Branch commands
  • Release commands
  • Invert tags
  • Invert file mask
  • Print catalogue of tagged files
  • Print path names
  • Print tree
  • Hide/Unhide folder
  • Extract icons and save as ICO or BMP file
  • Open DOS box
  • Open Windows recycle bin