Zuckerberg wants to protect Facebook users from attacks and abuse in 2018

American Mark Zuckerberg, considered a programming genius, proposed by 2018 to “fix Facebook”, a company he is the founder and CEO of, and protect users from attacks, abuse and interference.

This is the challenge that the famous executive, 33 years, details in the first message posted this year on his social network.

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“Every year I challenge myself to learn something new … and in this I will focus Facebook’s work on solving very important issues such as protecting our community from abuses and hateful attacks, defending it against interferences from other countries, and ensuring that the time dedicated to Facebook is well spent. ”

Zuckerberg acknowledges that his company “makes a lot of mistakes” and will not be able to fix them all, but agrees to work during 2018 to improve the running and smooth running of its popular business.

The young businessman, who founded Facebook in 2004, decided in 2009 to set concrete goals for the following year.

Social networks were heavily criticized for their lack of response to the so-called “false news” and piracy, some from Russian territory, as allegedly occurred in the 2016 election process that brought Donald Trump to the White House.

Among Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolutions in the last decade have been learning Chinese (Mandarin), meeting a person outside the Facebook everyday, reading a book every 15 days, and building an artificial intelligence robot to organize their home.

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